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Arizona Cardinals add Leki Fotu at 114

The Cards continued to build the defense up with their first pick in round 4 of the 2020 NFL draft selecting Leki Fotu, DT out of Utah. the 6’5″ 227 pounds is a strong and powerful interior lineman with a good motor who will add some real stoutness to the Cards porous run defense.

Fotu has excellent explosive quickness that allows him to get a solid push and change the angle of attack. Anchors well and is very difficult to move of his block. Has issues with hand usage and gap discipline that will need to be worked on, but he has a good solid skill set to begin building on at the next level.

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Leki Fotu is an explosive big man

Ideally playing a 1 technique, Leki Fotu does have leverage and stiffness issues, but due to his size his is nearly impossible to get off his blocks. However, those issues can stop him penetrating to make the big plays, hence why he’s a fourth round player.

Given his motor, and strength, correcting his leverage issues and working on his mental processing of the game could see him become a force on the interior defensive line over the next few years.

He has explosive, fast hands, but doesn’t always maintain that usage all through a play, and doesn’t always seem to have a plan of how or why he is using his hands. His USC tape (see above) shows how explosive he can be, and if the Cards can draw this from him on a more consistent basis the kid will be an absolute beast once his technique issues are corrected.

Welcome to Arizona Leki Fotu!

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