Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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At 4-8 Kliff Kingsbury needs to be questioned

As much as Kliff Kingsbury’s tenure has been disappointing, last nights 25-24 loss to the Chargers is the one that sums up the season the most.

The Cardinals had trailed just once all night, 14-10 in the second quarter, and only for 4:16. But with 15 seconds to go have given up a score to bring the Chargers within one point, Austin Ekeler caught a pass from Justin Herbert for a 2-point conversion that handed the Cards their eight lose of the season.

Realistically the Cardinals season was all but over heading into the game, and now mathematically still alive, Arizona is dead. With 5 games still to go.

Kliff Kingsbury may not be the answer

For all the hype, and hope of the Kliff Kingsbury era this season, his fourth as HC in Arizona has been devastatingly disappointing. But such has been his career when you look at it on the whole.

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With just three winning seasons across his ten seasons as a head coach in college and the NFL, Kingsbury is arguably not able to field a winning team. While much of the focus this season has been on the below par performance of Kyler Murray, maybe the focus should be more on the boss.

Is Kliff Kingsbury the problem for the Arizona Cardinals
Is Kliff Kingsbury the problem for the Arizona Cardinals?

Even if we ignore Kliff Kingsbury’s troubled start in Arizona, with a roster that needed overhauling, this season has been a massive step backwards. At 1-4 in the NFC West it would be practically impossible for the Cardinals to reach the playoffs, even if they had won more games outside the division.

In fact the Cardinals haven’t beaten a single team with a winning record all season and the teams they have beaten have a combined record of just 15-31.

Over his tenure as a HC he has recorded just a single winning season in his last SEVEN seasons. As much as the hype around him has been fun, it’s time to seriously question whether Kliff Kingsbury is the right man to take Arizona forward.

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