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Josh Jones a steal for Cards with 72nd pick

Offensive tackle Josh Jones was the Cardinals third-round pick as the 2020 draft entered its second day on Friday. The 6’5″ 311 pounds Jones has great length, reach, and balance, and looks set to anchor the right side of the Cards offensive line for years to come.

His footwork is somewhat raw, but with time and good coaching, he could develop into a solid left-tackle if Arizona looks to move him to the marque position in coming years. He has great push and is a high-floor, low-ceiling kind of prospect. He may not have the mauling, dominating characteristics you would ideally like, but he will consistently perform to a high level, and consistently win his matchups.

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Josh Jones is a late first round talent

With the ability to pull and make it to the second level Josh Jones has impressive athleticism for his size. While his football IQ may need some work, his ability to anchor, and build a strong, powerful base is already in full force.

His footwork is likely the main reason that he dropped to the early-third round as Jones has a tendancy to over-set and can get caught out with quick hands and head fakes. His feet are very raw, but he is very light and nimble and should be able to work that out of his game to a large extent.

Josh Jones is above average in every facet of his play, and while his physical tools may not have the high upside of a Tristan Wirfs, his floor is high than most owing to his base, consistency, and quick hands. Expect Jones to slot into the starting lineup quickly, and become a key member of the offensive line over the coming seasons.

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