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Let’s talk wins and losses: 2020 Cardinals picks

It’s that time of year when everyone is putting out their 2020 Cardinals picks and we’re no different. Since the Arizona schedule dropped 14 days ago we’ve been scouring over rosters and signings to see where the wins will come from, and if we’ll see an uptick this season. We’re sure you’ve been doing the same.

PFF have dropped their predictions (7.3 wins), and NFL Network’s Cynthia Freulund has dropped her predictions (8.3 wins). But where do we stand? Let’s take at look.

2020 Cardinals picks

Week 1: @ San Francisco
A really tough way to open the season against the NFC’s defending champs and with the 49ers strength of running the ball being one of the Cards weaknesses this only ends one way: LOSS 0-1

Week 2: vs. Redskins
With Dwayne Haskins, or Kyle Allen, at quarterback the Redskins are still trying to find their identity. New coach Ron Rivera will take some time to figure this out, and Kyler Murray won’t need that long to get in stride: WIN 1-1

Week 3: vs. Lions
I’m really not sure Matthew Stafford wants to be a Lion, and I don’t know why they added another RB to take touches away from Kerryon Johnson. What I do know is the Cardinals are much better than the Lions: WIN 2-1

Week 4: @ Panthers
The Panthers are a mess and with new quarterback Teddy Bridgwater learning a new offense and the new coaching staff figuring out what they want to do it all comes down to stopping CMC. I’m not massively liking that matchup but still: WIN 3-1

Week 5: @ Jets
Adam Gase is on thin thin ice in NY and they finished last season strong agains bottom half of the NFL teams. The fact that this is on the road, probably in an empty stadium, makes me lean towards: LOSS 3-2

2020 Cardinals picks © Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Arizona Cardinals 2020 picks © Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Week 6: @ Cowboys
Despite the Cowboys having a new coach they look likely to be a force in the NFL this season. Assuming Dak is still under center and Zeke is fit this is one of the worst matchups on the scheudle in terms of strengths vs weaknesses: LOSS 3-3

Week 7: vs. Seahawks
This is usually a split with the Seahawks and I think this season could be again. With DeAndre Hopkins joining Kyler Murray’s other weapons in the dessert and the Seahawks a bit weaker on defence in 2020: WIN 4-3

Week 9: vs Dolphins
The Dolphins aren’t tanking anymore but they don’t have the offensive firepower to hang with the Cardinals. Defensively the Dolphins have the edge, but Ryan Fitzpatrick will always give a defence a chance: WIN 5-3

2020 Cardinals picks second half

Week 10: vs. Bills
Josh Allen is growing as a quarterback and the Bills have a growing and promising defence, although they’ve lost a few parts over the spring. All things considered this will be closer than some thing, but: LOSS 5-4

Week 11: at Seahawks
Despite winning the first matchup, and still not being too-high on that Seahawks D in 2020 this will be: LOSS 5-5

Week 12: @ Patriots
With Jarrett Stidham at quarterback I think this becomes a much more manageable game. I like Stidham and you can never underestimate Bill Belichick, but the: WIN 6-5

Week 13: vs Rams
The Rams are a team on the decline, and losing Todd Gurley makes them even worse. I know Gurley isn’t the same player he was two/three years agon but he was still the best in LA: WIN 7-5

Week 14: @ Giants
Saquon Barkley is a nightmare for this defence. Daniel Jones isn’t as bad a quarterback as many seem to think, and another road trip to NY ends with: LOSS 7-6

Week 15: vs Eagles
The Eagles are a good team who should be even better in 2020. This will be a good benchmark for where the Cardinals are in their quest for NFC glory, but for this season: LOSS 7-7

Week 16: vs 49ers
Another really hard game against the 49ers who are likely to be battling it out for homefield at this point in the season. LOSS 7-8

Week 17: @ Rams
Another game against the hapless Rams. You won’t find many people lower on Jared Goff than me, although this season might just change that. WIN 8-8

With my 2020 Cardinals picks in the bank, it’s pretty much a consensus 8-8 across most predictions, be they models, or humans. The big one for me is that Patriots game. If they get a new QB in via trade or free agency that could swing to a loss, but 8-8 is a good shout for this season assuming the defence can do a moderate job of holding up.

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Let’s talk wins and losses: 2020 Cardinals picks

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