Friday, March 24, 2023

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NFC West Watch Week 5: Cardinals struggle is real

The NFC West Watch kicks off with more disappointment for Cardinals fans as they fall short against the Eagles and drop to 2-3. But how is the rest of the West faring as the 2022 season takes shape?

NFC West Watch: 49ers keep pounding

Since the loss of Trey Lance the 49ers have looked as you would expect under Jimmy G: pretty bland with an emphasis on the running game. The niners are a team built that way and as long as their defence keeps going strong they will be competitive in most situations.

However, with JimmyG as QB there’s no question the upside of the niners is limited so seeing them ascend to first place with a win over the lowly Panthers won’t put too much concern on the rest of the West.

Cardinals still in the fight, but punching soft

It’s been a rough start to the season at 2-3. After much pre-season hype, and hope, and the big new shiny Kyler Murray contract, Kliff Kingsbury has failed to deliver on the field. The defence has, shockingly been the strength to this point and that happened again against the Eagles.

Holding the still undefeated Eagles to just 20 points can be seen as something of a victory, but Murray still looks so far off the pace it’s almost unreal. He seems locked into the pocket and not at all willing to run when things break down.

His weapons have surely been limited without DHop, but the decline in offensive output is starting to get very concerning. That said, the Cardinals are only one game out of first and there’s time to figure it out…for now.

NFC West Watch: Rams look horrible in defence of Super Bowl crown

It’s still early but the Rams look a shadow of their last-season selves. Putting up just 10 points against a strong Cowboys defence isn’t what you would expect from a Rams team, but they are just not clicking on offence so far.

Long may it continue.

NFC West Watch: Seahawks downed by Saints

The Seahawks are not a team we expect a whole lot from this season after offloading Russell Wilson in part for a QB who can’t even beat out Geno Smith. They put up 32 points on the Saints which was a shockingly good offensive output, but then they could stop the Saints.

Specifically, Taysom hill went off for 4 TD’s and the Seahawks dropped to 2-3 after allowing 39 points.

The West is covered top to bottom by just 1 game so don’t get too disheartened Red Sea. There’s still time to turn this season into the one we were hoping for. Join us next week to see how the Cardinals, and the NFC West, are shaping up.

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