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NFC West Watch week 6: Words fail me

NFC West watch week 6 is here and the Cardinals reached a new low in a 19-9 loss to division rivals Seattle.

NFC West Watch: Seahawks move to 3-3

With Geno Smith at QB the Seahawks are exceeding all expectations for their season. Yes they’re only 3-3 but very few prognosticators were picking Seattle to test the bounds of a .500 season. But here we are.

Smith has excelled at limiting his mistakes so far this season, and built on a very strong defensive unit the hawks have moved themselves into a three-way tie atop the NFC West at this very early stage. Rookie RB Kenneth Walker III is starting to look like he could be the reincarnation of Beast Mode, which will give chills to every opposition fan.

Pete Carroll always seems to be able to build a defence, and if he can take Geno Smith to the NFC West crown it may be his best season ever as a HC.

LA Rams beat Panthers to reach .500

It’s been a slow start to the defence of their Super Bowl crown by the Rams but after 6 games are in the books they still find themselves tied for the lead of the NFC West.

It’s surely only a matter of time until Stafford, Krupp and co find their rhythm on offence, and let’s not forget OBJ is still out there on the market if they need another elite WR to tip them over the edge come the end of November.

NFC West Watch: JimmyG still sucks

It’s always fun watching your rivals struggle and the 49ers found a way to lose to Marcus Mariota and the Atlanta Falcons 28-14. The 49ers defensive unit has been decimated by injuries as they seem to be every year.

At times like these you need your offence to take up the slack and win you some games. Luckily Jimmy G isn’t that kind of QB and, of course, that’s why the 49ers traded up for Trey Lance. As long as Jimmy is QB for the niners they will have a ceiling on them.

NFC West Watch: Cardinals hit rock bottom (hopefully)

When you watch Arizona this season you keep thinking this is as bad as it can get. And then something like this happens and you wonder where the bottom is.

Kyler Murray used his legs a lot more this week rushing 10 times for 100 yards, but he was also sacked 5 times and threw an interception while passing for just 222 yards on 37 attempts. It seems an exercise in futility at this point and the answers seem to be impossible for the regime to find.

Kliff Kingsbury’s offensive scheme has always been the key to the Cardinals explosive offense. It has always been a “we can score more than you” type of game since he became HC. But now that the Cardinals have a decent defensive unit, the offence has total capitulated.

This must be turned around quickly or the Cardinals may be changing regime at the end of this season. I never saw that as a possibility when we kicked off the season 6 weeks ago.

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