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NFC West Watch Wk 8: Cardinals lose again

The NFC West Watch is getting a bit depressing, but at least the Cardinals showed more improvement on offence this week in another tough to handle L. Let’s see how this weeks scores have affected the division.

NFC West Watch: Seahawks somehow win again

The Seahawks maintain their grip at the top of the NFC West thanks to a fourth quarter surge against probably the weakest 6-1 team in the NFL. The Giants have proved difficult to put away of late so the fact the Seahawks could do it is mildly impressive.

With Geno Smith at the helm you have to think that the Seahawks ceiling is limited, but I’ve been saying that all season. At 5-3 and will San Francisco breathing down their necks there’s surely no way they can take the division…is there?

Next week they take on our Cardinals in a must win game for Arizona. If the Seahawks win this they are a legitimate playoff contender, and the Cardinals will be pretty-much nailed-on to miss the playoffs.

NFC West Watch: CMC fixes everything wrong with the niners?

Kyle Shanahan may think he’s a genius, but if you add a player of CMC’s quality to any offense in the land they will get better. He’s the sort of player every team would love to have, and as proof just look how much better he makes Jimmy Garoppolo look.

With players coming back from injury on the back end of the defense the Niners are well pushed for a second-half push (yes, we’re nearly at halfway already). It pains me to say but the Niners may be about to make a genuine push towards an NFC crown after this demolition of the Rams.

NFC West: CMC historic

NFC West Watch: The Super Bowl hangover is real

I floated last week (I think it was) that maybe the Rams are a victim of some of their team, and HC, seriously contemplating retiring. I’m not sure how quickly you can get your head back into the 24-hour cycle of hard work, film study, and travel, but there’s something wrong with this Rams team.

The 49ers made a mockery of them. Yes CMC is special but you really should be able to shut JimmyG down easier than this if you consider yourself to be an elite, Super Bowl defending team. At 3-4 time is running out for the Rams to figure this out to even make the playoffs.

NFC West Watch: Still one hand good, one hand bad for the Cardinals

I can not believe we’re in the basement again this season. At 3-5 the Cardinals can likely only afford to lose one more game if they want to make the playoffs. The way the defence played, or didn’t, against the Vikings makes me wonder if all hope is already lost.

With the next three weeks seeing the Seahawks, Rams, and 49ers we will know before Thanksgiving whether the Cardinals have a shot. Having already dropped games to the hawks and Rams those two are absolute must wins or the season is done.

Kyler Murray has started to play more like he can, but there’s no doubt that’s he’s feeling the pressure as well and forcing throws again. It’s time to relax now that it’s must win football. I fear the worst.

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