Friday, March 24, 2023

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NFC West Watch Wk7: Cardinals show some spark

This weeks NFC West watch is a much happier one than has been the case sometimes this season as the Cardinals won on TNF, beating the Saints 42-34. But how does the division look overall, let’s take a peek under the hood and find out.

NFC West Watch: Seahawks stun Chargers

I’m not sure what to tell you about the Seahawks. Geno Smith is playing like his life depends on it and Keneth Walker III is looking like a young stud. But taking down the, previously, 4-2 Chargers in LA is one hell of an achievement.

The Seahawks seem to have returned to their Super Bowl winning formula since they shipped Russell Wilson out, and Kenneth Walker is the new beast mode. I’m not sure how Pete Carroll keeps running around on the sideline like he does at his age, but this new Seahawks team is definitely moulded in his image.

NFC West Watch: Rams on bye week

The Rams really haven’t got out of the gates yet this season. Will the bye week propel them from 3-3 to another Super Bowl, or will they stay mired in mediocrity?

Sean McVay surely can’t be happy with the way his offence is performing, but are the Rams paying the price of so many of them McVay included, having contemplated retirement? We can only hope.

NFC West Watch: Cardinals back on track?

This may have mostly been about the Cardinals second quarter 25-point spree but this game felt like the boys were getting back on track. The return of D-Hop seems to have produced the spark that has reignited this offence.

But the defence was not up to it’s usual standard in this one. Giving up 34 points to the Saints is a slight concern, but nothing is killing the buzz of this team racking up 42 points. Cards move to 3-4.

NFC West Watch: Niners get CMC, still suck

All the hype was around CMC joining the niners and suddenly making them good. Sure he only had a few days but the Chiefs ripped through them for 30 points in the second half.

San Francisco could only notch 23-points even with their new talisman for which they paid a hefty price. No question CMC will make this offense better, even with a noodle-armed game-manager at QB. But for now, the niners still suck.

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