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At 4-8 Kliff Kingsbury needs to be questioned

As much as Kliff Kingsbury's tenure has been disappointing, last nights 25-24 loss to the Chargers is the one that sums up the season the most. The Cardinals had trailed just once all night, 14-10 in the second quarter, and...

NFC West Watch Wk 8: Cardinals lose again

The NFC West Watch is getting a bit depressing, but at least the Cardinals showed more improvement on offence this week in another tough to handle L. Let's see how this weeks scores have affected the division. NFC West Watch:...

Cardinals lose again: 3 takeaways from Vikings game

The Cardinals showed some fight in week 8 but came up short once again against the Vikings. Let's dive straight in to our 3 main takeaways from the game This Cardinals team are fighters This needs to be recognised even as...

NFC West Watch Wk7: Cardinals show some spark

This weeks NFC West watch is a much happier one than has been the case sometimes this season as the Cardinals won on TNF, beating the Saints 42-34. But how does the division look overall, let's take a peek...

NFC West Watch week 6: Words fail me

NFC West watch week 6 is here and the Cardinals reached a new low in a 19-9 loss to division rivals Seattle. NFC West Watch: Seahawks move to 3-3 With Geno Smith at QB the Seahawks are exceeding all expectations for...

NFC West Watch Week 5: Cardinals struggle is real

The NFC West Watch kicks off with more disappointment for Cardinals fans as they fall short against the Eagles and drop to 2-3. But how is the rest of the West faring as the 2022 season takes shape? NFC West...

How worried should Cardinals fans be after wk 3?

With the new-season excitement and hope now a distant memory, how worried should Cardinals fans been about the odd start to the new season? While the record of 1-2 is maybe not out of whack with where we would've picked...

Kyler Murray contract clause hint of exciting 2022?

As the media pours over Kyler Murray's new contract wondering what exactly has caused this new 'independent study' clause the real reason may be much less sinister, and much more exciting for Cardinals fans. After late season swoons in the...

Is Julio Jones a distraction the Cardinals don’t need

While DeAndre Hopkins continues his one man recruitment drive for Julio Jones the question needs to be asked as to whether he really makes Arizona more of a contender this year, or over the remainder of his contract. At...

Arizona Cardinals 2021 schedule drops

The Arizona Cardinals 2021 schedule dropped on Wednesday and the Cards have a potentially brutal end to the season with five of the last seven games against 2020 playoff teams. Facing a road trip to Dallas and a home...